It was amazing day!!! What the third grade of Harapan Ibu Islamic School has done last Monday, October 19th, 2015. We, class 3 A – C, went to Pelita Desa, Jl. H. Miing, Rawa Bangsa, Putat Nutug, Kecamatan Ciseeng, Bogor.

Pelita Desa is a great place. In the area of 2.5 hectares, we enjoyed the thrill of riding a buffalo plowing, planting rice, harvesting rice, practicing how to composting, and many more activities that we could not mention it all. Oww ,,,also we went into the pool for catching fish as many as we want and we can take home them …owww we were so happy , especially the boys.

What a great trip!, After almost one hour and 45 minutes in the bus, the Pelita Desa team provived us breakfast and lunch. The dishes was very appetizing us. We got warm sweet tea as the welcoming drink.

We did outbound as well. Total there are about 25 types of outbound games for children and 17 games for adults but we just did a few games outbound concerning we did not have much time and should go back to Jakarta earlier because we tried to avoid traffic jam. Flying fox, milking the cow, walking on a rope, two-line bridge, and so on. Each game has its own learning value.

Here are some of our outbound activities pictures :

While there is much that can be learned in the classroom, some things are better taught when kids can have a hands-on experience. For instance, teaching kids about animals and plants educate them on the basics, but taking them on a field trip to a farm field gives them an up close look at the rice seeds, cows, farmers and other things.The same is true of art. Reading about science is much different from actually seeing it.

Reported by SD Islam Harapan Ibu